type 1a

The Intrinsic Stochasticity of Single-Degenerate Type Ia Supernovae - A short introduction

Presenting a new set of three-dimensional simulations of single-degenerate (SD) Type Ia supernovae undergoing a gravitationally confined detonation incorporating new findings concerning the spatial distribution for the initial ignition, implications …

Single-Degenerate Type 1a Supernovae Simulations

Binary Chandrasekhar-mass white dwarfs accreting mass from non-degenerate stellar companions through the single-degenerate channel have reigned for decades as the leading explanation of Type Ia supernovae. Yet, a coherent theoretical explanation has not yet emerged to explain the expected properties of the canonical near-Chandrasekhar-mass white dwarf model. Such near-Chandrasekhar-mass SNe Ia are preceded by a simmering phase within the convective core of the white dwarf, leading to the ignition of one or more flame bubbles scattered across the core.