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Impacts of the Large Scale Structure on Detected Lyman Alpha Emitters

In 1967 Partridge and Peebles theorized that young galaxies at high redshifts emitting Lyman-α photons might be a suitable tracer of large-scale structure. Those distant galaxies of high Lyman-α emission, so-called Lyman Alpha Emitters (LAEs) can be used to constrain the cosmological standard model at high redshifts and furthermore allow insight for the environment of those galaxies. The Lyman-α line corresponds to the energy difference from the ground state to the first excited state of neutral hydrogen.

Radiative Transfer Simulations of Lyman Alpha Emitters on Cosmological Scales

Lyman-alpha emitters can be used as probes of the large-scale structure at intermediate redshifts. Recent work discusses a possible distortion from radiative transfer effects of the resonant Lyman-alpha line on the observed clustering statistics, …