Simulating Lyman-alpha Emitters

Simulating Lyman-alpha Emitters

Below plots show first results of our new radiative transfer code for meshless structures applied to individual halos in the IllustrisTNG simulations.

Lyman-alpha emitter after radiative transfer. Surface brightness in erg/s/cm$^2$/arcsec$^2$.

Lyman-alpha emitter after radiative transfer. Artificially lowered neutral hydrogen density by a factor of $10$, revealing the radiative transfer smoothing out the emission from the star forming regions. Surface brightness in erg/s/cm$^2$/arcsec$^2$.

The neutral hydrogen column density responsible for scattering out the injected photons in star forming regions.

Lyman-alpha emitter spectrum after radiative transfer (without dust and IGM transmission).

Chris Byrohl
Second year PhD Candidate in Physical Cosmology